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Understanding the privacy policies, practices and commitments of our technology partners is not only required by law, it’s what’s best for students. But, it takes time and money to keep track of it all in a rapidly expanding market. 

As educators we need effective, efficient ways to see, share and ensure the edtech we use is safe.

Marlo Gaddis

CTO, Wake County Public Schools & 2019 COSN Board Member

A free searchable resource for K-12 organizations, and other members of the EdTech community, to increase awareness of unbiased student data privacy information for more than 7,000 educational technology offerings. 


Learn more about student data privacy from sources you trust, and access informational privacy resources.

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Frustrated with scattered, disparate or confusing information regarding student data privacy of your edtech? Check The Privacy provides free, unbiased information on edtech products, including: 

  • Product descriptions 
  • Provider data/privacy agreements
  • Integrated content from our partners

EdTech Providers

Increase transparency by sharing your product descriptions and data/privacy agreements with educators. 

Sharing your commitment to privacy provides greater opportunities with local, state and partner decision-makers (stakeholders).

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“There’s a real struggle in the area of data privacy, between the desire to make the best use of the technology that districts are already invested in and the imperative to protect students’ private information at all costs. Every state has different laws and statutes in place, but what we all have in common is the need to ensure we achieve compliance without taking away from innovation and learning.”

Doug Casey

Executive Director, Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology

Save time by identifying the safest and most effective solutions for students. Review the third-party student data privacy data for more than 7,000 edtech products on Check the Privacy.

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Check the Privacy is a district and state-led initiative, powered by LearnPlatform, to meet the ever-evolving data privacy needs of students and educators. 

District and state leaders can click below to learn more about joining the Check the Privacy Advisory Board.  

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